When a potential client contacts our offices at Grogan Ryan, we invite that potential client to a meeting where they get the opportunity to meet with one of our highly experienced staff.

Arranging and attending this meeting has a number of advantages for you the client along with having specific purposes. These are:

  • To give you an opportunity to discuss your business with us at Grogan Ryan and to give us at Grogan Ryan an opportunity to gain a full understanding of your business. This enables us to discuss industry specifics with you
  • To give you an opportunity to discuss your future plans for your business and to give us at Grogan Ryan a full understanding of those future plans. This means we will only provide relevant advice. At Grogan Ryan we treat each client on a very individual basis, we believe every clients requirements are different. That’s what we believe makes Grogan Ryan different
  • Choosing an Accountant is a big task and can often be daunting. We believe at Grogan Ryan that this should be a thoughtful, fully informed process. It is absolutely necessary for you to meet us so you can feel comfortable with the choice you make.
  • We have been in business for a long time, we can offer you very meaningful advice from our experiences
  • To discuss the type of accountancy service and support your business will require and to discuss the best level of service we can offer that we feel would best suit those requirements
  • Identify the associated potential costs for the required level of service

In short, this meeting is a "get to know you meeting" for both sides and does not bind the potential client to any contract with Grogan Ryan.

We are confident once you meet us you will see for yourself the type of forward thinking, progressive accountancy firm we are.

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