Do you need help to file your tax returns?

Filing any tax return can be a very daunting task. There are many different types of tax returns such as corporation tax, income tax including PAYE. Capital gains tax, capital acquisitions tax (inheritance tax), and vat.

Revenue have very strict deadlines and guidelines that must be complied with on all taxes. Reading and adhering to all these guidelines and deadlines can be very difficult if you are not experienced in doing tax returns. This is where Grogan Ryan can help you:

  • We simplify the requirements for you so they are jargon free
  • We will ensure that all appropriate reliefs and deductions are included in the computation of the tax liability.
  • We will endeavour to minimise the tax liability as much as possible taking into account Revenue guidelines.
  • We can also where require liaise directly with Revenue in any areas that require correspondence

Grogan Ryan have been filing these tax returns for many years, in fact we file different types of tax returns every day. Our team of experienced staff understand tax and what is required when doing a tax return.

Quite simply, we make tax returns easy for you.

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