1. Unify islands of information
Stand-alone spreadsheets are the enemy of meaningful business intelligence. Unify islands of information and integrate spreadsheets into your business management software, so they can be linked to real-time financial data.

2. Focus on the quality, not quantity, of management information
What matters is the quality, not the quantity, of management information. Expect to have real-time data presented in an intuitive format that supports decision-making, with customised role-based views of the information. Automate routine day-to-day processes, to ensure consistency and free resources.

3. Root out time-consuming manual processes.
Squeeze every drop of value out of your business management software to free your teams from mundane but important tasks that can drain your resources. Ensure staff are trained to get maximum ROI on your investment in your business management software.

4. Automate workflow to shave costs and ensure consistency.
Avoid bottlenecks and ensure work flows smoothly through your organisation by using automated alerts within workflow to notify the relevant people of delays and exceptions.

5. Cut the cost and effort of being an excellent communicator
The production and distribution of essential documentation such as purchase orders, invoices and statements can be automated to help you to build close, profitable relationships with your customers and suppliers. See the wood and the trees, by having both the big picture and the detail instantly available

6. Stay tuned in to changing conditions
Stay alert to changing conditions. Let your business management software do all the work of monitoring your key thresholds, so you are kept fully up to speed with alerts and exception reports.

7. See at a glance what matters most.
Dashboards linked to common business applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, will let you view the big business picture instantly and then drill-down to the underlying data.

8. Take a proactive approach to reporting.
Pushing out reports to staff, according to pre-defined criteria, helps to create a highly efficient environment where key players have the information they need to take prompt action at an early stage.

Summary taken from article ex: www.accountancyageinsight.com 16 Jan 2013

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